Triumph Run

Remember the movie Rocky. I love it because the underdog wins, and Rocky’s accent cracks me up! One of my very favorite scenes in the movie is when Rocky is running through the streets of Philadelphia. Can you hear the music…”Gonna fly now…Gonna fly now…”? The music grows louder as he runs up the 68- steps of the Philadelphia Museum { read more… }

Daily Delivery

We have the very best mail carrier. He’s as reliable as the heat in Texas summers. Seven days a week, 365 days a year, he tosses the Waco Tribune Herald on our driveway, and I daresay it lands in almost the same spot every day. Each morning Brad, being the early riser in our family, makes the trek down the { read more… }

A New Journey

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Mine did. In December 2007, my Papa died just three short weeks after being diagnosed with bone cancer. We buried him on Christmas Eve. He was 97, and he’d never been sick a day in his life. My Granny – his wife of 74 years – was lost without him. God made it quite clear { read more… }