Squirrel – 2; Winston – 0

Meet Winston. He’s one of three Yorkies in the Kendrick family. Yes, it’s okay to question my sanity. Who in their right mind would need three dogs of any kind?! Of course, Winston has a story. It goes something like this. My first Yorkie was Princess. She weighed 14 ounces at 8 weeks old. Absolutely adorable and thoroughly spoiled rotten, { read more… }

Timing is Everything

There are a million little things in God’s creation that just blow my mind. The mommy spider carrying all her babies on her back. Leaves changing into glorious colors in the fall. Lightning bugs on a summer night. Freckles on the face of a toddler. A star shooting across the sky. Everywhere I look I’m just overwhelmed at the creativity { read more… }

Laughing Today

Well, I’m happy (and my hair is, too!) to report that Brad has repealed the one gallon limit law he imposed when we began having problems with our well two weeks ago. If you missed the one gallon limit story, you can read it here. As of about 6:00 pm last Friday, we have water! The picture above is our { read more… }

Love You the Purplest

Wednesday night. 6:30 pm. The room was just a tad chaotic. Ok, more than a tad, but that’s what happens when 29 very busy women gather on a Wednesday night for Bible study in a room clearly designed for considerably fewer people. At least 25 of the 29 are all talking at once. They are seeing dearly loved friends (even { read more… }