Some Knight In Shining Armor

I’ll be honest. There’s not much that scares me. Ok. Maybe I better say that a little differently. There’s not much that I won’t pretend not to be scared about just so I can appear to be extremely independent. That’s the whole truth. I can do spiders, snakes, scorpions, mice, and all manner of bugs and other icky stuff. I { read more… }

Teaching Dale Carnegie a Thing or Two

I have some new friends. They came up to my front gate this morning. Yep! Right on the sidewalk. They were certainly curious enough about who I was, but they were not patient enough for me to get some good pictures. I also made some new friends this weekend! 48 amazing women from Crossroad Fellowship Church. We spent the weekend { read more… }

Top Dog

Ok. I’m going to get in trouble with Brad for this post, but two things. First, I’m leaving town for the weekend and will be gone before he gets home. Second… It’s time the truth be told for all the world to hear. Winston… who I should note is MY dog… is the best dog.  And I have proof. Just { read more… }

Overwhelming Evidence

Ok. I know this picture will not win any photo contests, but I absolutely could not resist sharing it. And I labeled it just in case you had difficulty deciphering what you are seeing. I captured the photo from my bedroom window… through the glass… with my iPhone… with the deer a couple of hundred feet away. Not really. Well, { read more… }