Discount Puppy

After I posted my last blog update, I immediately got a comment on Facebook that my boys needed to come home and give poor Brad a break. Now that cracked me up. Trust me when I tell you that when the boys come home, Brad has triple trouble on his hands! The boys are far more merciless than I am. { read more… }

Brad Needs a Math Lesson

I bet most of you do not know that my hubby has a BBA degree with a minor in computer science from the fine, upstanding Texas Tech University. He sounds like a pretty smart guy, right? I’ve always thought so, too. He constantly amazes me with the stuff he knows how to do. Seriously, there is NOTHING Brad cannot fix { read more… }

Why Does Your Pumpkin Have Tumors?

“Mom, why does your pumpkin have tumors?” Seriously. That was the question that came out of Logan’s mouth. Did he not know I had passed up Waco pumpkins certain that I would find the BEST pumpkins when we traveled to Stephenville for Parents’ Weekend? Did he not know that I scoured Stephenville like a mad woman in search of the { read more… }

Stink Update

Just wanted you all to know that Duchess redeemed herself today. Although the scent of skunk still lingers slightly in our house, Duchess is doing her absolute best to remedy that problem. See for yourself. (Note: Yes, I know the iPhone camera picture quality is completely lousy so my precious pup has alien eyes. She’s much more adorable in real { read more… }

Getting the Stink Off

Today was definitely Monday. I was being amazingly productive in my upstairs office, and things were actually looking pretty good until about noon. Duchess and Winston decided they needed a potty break, and since it’s necessary to walk down the stairs to let them out the back door, I decided I might as well have lunch. Delicious, low calorie tuna. { read more… }