Seeing New York with New Eyes

(Writing to you about 9am…)I contemplated posting a picture of me from December 1990 with this blog story. The picture would have been the perfect illustration for one reason – the glasses I was wearing. But, then I remember the clothes I was wearing, which were actually far, far worse than the glasses. Oh my! The outfit I had on. { read more… }

Comfortable in His Skin

I won’t go into the whole, “I need a grandbaby girl” thing again because y’all have already heard that story, but still… I want you to feel my pain when I say it’s tough being the only girl in the house. None of the men in my life have the slightest bit of appreciation for my creative decorating skills, my { read more… }

Painting with a Broad Brush

There is a lot you sign up for that you don’t actually know or understand when you become a mother. Given that my two boys are well past the baby years, I thought I was clearly over most of the unpleasant messes and smells that are involved in motherhood during the early years. I’ve worn spit-up in my hair and { read more… }