Pickin’ Up Rocks

If you’ve ever wondered how this blog got the name Wildly Blessed, here’s just one of many reasons. God has wildly blessed me with my two boys, and there are no words big enough to tell Him how grateful I am. Today, you get a word from Logan. Much like just about every single other person on the planet can { read more… }

Marriage Gardening

This little plaque hangs on our kitchen wall right next to our stove. It’s in a prominent place so it can serve as a frequent (and much needed!) reminder. Although being happy is not usually an issue for me, one of the things that can threaten my usual happy attitude is the weather. Plain and simple, I don’t like cold { read more… }

The Buck Stops Here

Ever heard that before? I couldn’t find the exact origin of that popular saying, but I did find some rather interesting trivia. According to the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum, President Truman had this sign on his desk throughout his presidency. And, it wasn’t just a desk decoration. On more than one occasion President Truman actually referred to the sign { read more… }