Pics from Friday

The children in Simpetru were absolutely adorable, and they were some of the best behaved children I’ve ever worked with. You could truly tell their simple country life as strongly influenced everything about them. The same was true for every adult we encountered.

Day 4 in Simpetru: Sing Your Praise to the Lord

Today we traveled to the small mountain village of Simpetru. Of course, we made our stop at the grocery store first and purchased food items for five families. Simpetru was absolutely beautiful, tiny cottages with huge gardens, horses and donkeys pulling carts, chickens on the side of the road, women walking while holding hands with their children. Provencial is the { read more… }

Pics from Almasu

Ok, I now know my caption numbering system doesn’t work either. Good grief! Hopefully you can match up the pics by reading the accompanying post abut our day in Almasu. The pictures don’t even come close to telling the whole story, but I know they will capture your heart just like they did mine.

Top Pics from Thursday

Ok. I took many, many photos on Thursday, so it is not possible to upload them all. Here are some of my very favorites. 1. House in the gypsy village2. Precious gypsy girl with baby3. KeLe helps one of the gypsy boys4. Marvin laughing! No wonder the kids love him!5. Laura shepherding the children6. The gypsy children at their school7. { read more… }

Pics from Wednesday

In no particular order, because I’m still trying to figure out what order they upload in. Sorry! Also, out of time so captions are brief. 1. Lily’s kitchen area, about the size of a very, very small hall closet.2. First Baptist Zalau church meeting3. Pastor Jeff and the translator at the church meeting4. Lily’s kitchen5. Leaving the hotel in Cluj-Napoca6. { read more… }