Top Pics from Thursday

Ok. I took many, many photos on Thursday, so it is not possible to upload them all. Here are some of my very favorites.

1. House in the gypsy village
2. Precious gypsy girl with baby
3. KeLe helps one of the gypsy boys
4. Marvin laughing! No wonder the kids love him!
5. Laura shepherding the children
6. The gypsy children at their school
7. Doyle hard at work during craft time
8. Gypsy wagon
9. The gypsy boys show off their craft
10. Adorable gypsy girl
11. Marvin and Jeff with the children during game time
12. Another cutie!
13. Gypsy children in line to play game
14. Posing for me!
15. Running during the toilet paper game – so happy!
16. Claudia and Maria… her face so clearly captures her pain, yet her hope is still in Jesus.
17. Claudia, Roselea (the woman who captured my heart), and me

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