Truth in Stairs

Y’all know how when you bought your home or a car and you had to sign your name something like 4 zillion times on 48 thousand pieces of paper … all in about 4 minutes or less? I always wanted to say to the poor unsuspecting car salesman or the polite girl at the title company… Could you give me a few hours { read more… }

Mirror Talk

Read the title again. Do not be confused, lest nasty rumors get started about this blog. Today’s post is about Mirror Talk, not Pillow Talk. Two entirely different subjects. If you google pillow talk, you’ll get a Wikipedia definition that is best left for websites like Wikipedia and not like Sanctuary Oaks. Need I say more?! Of course, you’ll also { read more… }

Winter Wonderland and Wielding Your Words

My Instagram and Facebook feed blew up today with pictures of SNOW. Ask anyone in central Texas, and they will tell you, “It SNOWED today!” A veritable winter wonderland. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, so I’m sure not carrying around any rocks in my pocket. I bundled up and went outside in the SNOW today, too. Wouldn’t { read more… }