palindrome whispers.

Wanna learn something new and practically useless? Of course you do. That’s why you google so often.  So here’s goes: The longest palindrome is tattarrattat. Don’t know what a palindrome is, please google. No, I did not make that word up. Please google to double-check. Tattarrattat is onomatopoeic (now you’re googling something else), and it  means knock on the door. It was coined back in 1922. { read more… }

what couch cushions can teach us about prayer.

We currently do not own a couch, so I feel a tad bit deceitful with this title. And since it’s completely my fault we are couchless because I gave away a perfectly good leather couch so I could have a trendy new white couch… and despite all the best promises of the salesperson, said new white couch stayed white exactly two days, after { read more… }