sanctuary oaks

I’ve been to the ocean, and I’ve stood on a mountain.
I’ve seen a sunset burn away a sky of blue.
Stared up at the starlight, got lost in the midnight.
I’ve never seen the face of God, but I’ve seen what He can do.

These are lyrics from a song by Marty Raybon, and they express so beautifully why I fell in love with the property we now call Sanctuary Oaks. Each time I pull through the gates, I fall in love all over again because I see what God can do. He has dotted the landscape with magnificent oak trees, providing a haven … a sanctuary… for the winged creatures. And those with four legs. And those with two. It is here among the trees I know with certainty God’s presence, His abundant provision, His sovereign power, and His deep abiding love and grace.
Although Brad and I didn’t plan it, we were not surprised when God asked us to create an intentional space for Him where others could come and “know Him and make Him known.” Thus the birth of Sanctuary Oaks, a once-upon-a-time three car garage now turned into a beautiful gathering place. Our vision and prayer for Sanctuary Oaks are simple: With each gathering, may others know Him more and leave with a renewed passion to make Him known. Sanctuary Oaks is the home to many ministry events, but  it is also available for rental for both social and corporate gatherings. We can comfortably accommodate groups with seating up to 48.

If you are interested in rental, please complete the contact form below.

Driving Directions (from Waco via Hwy 84):

  • Take Hwy 84 West to McGregor. At the intersection of Hwy 84 and Texas 317, turn right.
  • Go approximately 7 miles. At the blinking light at the intersection of Texas 317 and Texas 185, turn left.
  • Go approximately 1 mile. Turn right on Prairie Chapel Road.
  • Go two miles. Look for the Sanctuary Oaks sign on the left side of the road and enter through the gate.
  • If you cross a creek, you’ve gone too far.