18 Hours in the Car

Since I manage to put 45,000+ miles per year on my car each year, a long road trip is not necessarily my idea of a great vacation. However, those of you who know me well know that I’ll sacrifice at almost any cost to spend time with my boys. And, an 18-hour car ride to Sedona and the Grand Canyon is downright cheap when I consider it gets me a full seven days with the three men I love most in my life.

We started out all smiles. Well, at least Brad did. The boys and I were barely awake. I think I made it just past McGregor before I was sound asleep. This is not uncommon. I often fall asleep on the drive home from Waco after Sunday lunch.
The trip was a combo of sleeping, reading, watching movies, telling stories, and passing gas. I participated in all except passing gas. Side note here: This is truly a phenomenon I do not understand, but I think it is foreign to me because I had sisters. We did NOT entertain each other by passing gas.
Oh, we also ate snacks. I am a great snack packer, and we don’t ever make it very far down the road before someone needs a snack. Thanks to Melissa Talbert, we have a very cute basket to carry our goodies in. We contemplated adding snacks at one of our pitstops in Lubbock. Strawberry chocolate whoopee pies. Thank goodness my tiny bit of self-discipline stepped in and rescued me from myself.

I made the boys promise they would cooperate with all my picture taking during the entire trip. Here is evidence that they did not take me seriously. This surprised no one.

We arrived in Albuquerque about 8pm, and we just wanted food. We thought Ojos Locos Sports Cantina sounded like fun until we walked in the door an discovered it was like a Mexican Hooters. The boys got a big laugh out of the look on my face. We quickly headed to Gardunos. Much safer.
Here was another attempt at getting my boys to cooperate. You’d think since the car ride was FINALLY over and we’d arrived at the hotel that they would cooperate. Nope.

Needless to say, we all needed some fresh air and exercise, so we immediately hit the trails. First hike was Bell Rock – absolutely beautiful.

Cameron summed up the day perfectly when it was his turn to pray again over our dinner. He said, “Dear God, thank you for our safe travel here. Thank you for the fun we had to day and the fun we will have this week. Thank you for the beautiful world you’ve given us. Amen”

3 thoughts on “18 Hours in the Car”

  1. Where is bell rock?,in Alburquerque or Grand Canyon,or near the hotel.
    Glad to hear every one is ok. we got 2.5 inches of rain sunday.
    It will be 80 degrees today 30% chance of rain rest of week highs in the 70’s
    Cleta say’s sick um Bears.Keep us updated we enjoy hearing about the journey.

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