For the Birds…

Do you ever have those a-ha moments where you realize God has been trying to teach you something, and He’s given you a dozen or more hints or opportunities to see it, but you missed every one of them? It’s not until that divine moment when it all clicks, and then you think back and wonder how on earth you missed it. And, if you’re not blonde, then you consider scheduling a doctor’s appointment because clearly something must be wrong with you. I always think God must be sitting up in Heaven, scratching His head and saying, “Golly, it takes her a long time to catch on.” Well, God probably says something far more sophisticated than “golly,” but you know what I mean.

On August 26, I became the proud momma of two teeny baby doves. It’s a long story about how I came to parent these two, but I’ll save those details for later. I’ll refer to them as boys, but I have no clue how to sex a dove so I’m just being gender neutral. Neither baby bird had his eyes open or had many feathers. There were some clear doubters in my family about my ability to “save” these babies, but we won’t mention any names. After some quick googling, I discovered you could syringe-feed them with parrot formula. Who would’ve known? So after a quick trip to Petsmart, I was well-equipped and back into my baby days of frequent feedings. One of the tiny birds did not make it, but it should be noted he died under Logan’s watch and not mine. However, the other boy, Langley as we’ve name him, is thriving. After 5 weeks of syringe-feeding, Langley is now happily pecking away. Teaching him to peck at seeds was about as easy as teaching him to fly, but we did it. Of course, we won’t mention that I did a completely lousy job of potty training. Yes, he frequently poops in the same dish he eats in.


And, speaking of birds, all summer long I’ve marveled at the hummingbirds in our yard. We have four feeders, and well over 50 hummers zipping around. Now if you’re wondering how I know that, Mel at Wild Birds Unlimited told me. He’s never been to my house, but he said you could count the number of hummers you see at any one time and multiply that by 5 and it would give you the approximate number of hummers you have. We’ve seen at least 10 or 12 at any one time,  so that’s how I arrived at that number. Except yesterday. Yesterday I only spotted two all day, and I knew the time had come. I took the feeders down. My little friends have migrated, and I miss them already.


But… while my hummers may have flown, the nest is full. Take a peek. My zebra finches have hatched three babies. They have their feathers, and I’m guessing they’ll be out of the nest in just a few short days.


And, I’ve replaced the hummer feeders with regular bird feeders, and I’m enjoying an abundance of cardinals. I counted seven in the yard at one time. I’m still working on capturing a good picture, but meanwhile I’m keeping the feeder full.


And, still speaking of birds, our oldest one has officially flown the nest. With a masters degree and CPA in hand, he starts his “big boy job” today. Wow. How did that happen? I still remember holding him in my arms for the first time and the way he absolutely captured my heart. Every “first” is cemented in my mind. Teaching him to peck and fly was a little more challenging than Langley, but I am certain he will soar. Here he is on his first day at work. This is a boy who clearly does not love his momma as much as he should, otherwise he would have been far more cooperative with my request for a “first day at work” picture. But no. Instead he snaps a picture while in the men’s room. With a most ridiculous look on his face. I guess there is more than one deficit in my parenting skills. First Langley poops in his food dish. Now this.



And all this got me to thinking…

Life is for the birds. Literally. Remember the promise of Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Life is also for you and me. Literally. God gives us each breath we take. Every single one. And, there is not a moment in this life when He does not care for us. Not one.

God has been gently nudging me out of my nest of comfort and stability. He wants me to trust Him first. Above all things.

Trust His power, not my own strength.
Trust His provision, not my own bank account.
Trust His guidance, not my own control.
Trust His purpose, not my own plan.

I may have shaky wings, but I’m ready to fly! And, my prayer is that you’ll join me. Whatever your circumstances are. Whatever God is calling you to. Trust Him and fly!

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