Oh Happy Day!

I woke up this morning in a strange bed. Before you get worried, Brad was right by my side. We were at the Hampton Inn in Stephenville. They get 5 stars from the Kendrick couple for these five reasons:

1. some gorgeous yellow cannas growing near the front entrance
2. $99 for king room… and on TSU Parents’ Weekend – thank you so much for not jacking up the price!
3. free breakfast which was a true bargain since Cam and two of his friends came to join us – yikes!
4. a fabulous goose down duvet that prompted us to crank the air down to 65
5. warm chocolate chip cookies available in the lobby – Otis Spunkmeyer, no less!

And, these five great things were on top of getting to see my boy and the absolutely gorgeous weather. No wonder I been singing Oh Happy Day all day long – Whoopi Goldberg, eat your heart out! I spent the afternoon working in my yard and captured these pics of things that just make me so happy.

My Sonic Diet Coke and my new favorite CD, When the Stars Burn Down by Travis Cottrell

Our patio door is ready for fall! I love to decorate. The old screen door and the metal push cart are so me!

Pumpkins with big stems! This one is called a wolf pumpkin, and I’m not making that up.

the bird feeder… I tried diligently to capture a bird at the bird feeder, but I always end up taking too long to capture the shot and the bird flies away.

This was my project last weekend. I could sit on this bench forever and just soak in God’s goodness.

Duchess (our full-figured gal!), all pooped out from chasing everything imaginable.

Plumbago gone wild! Butterflies everywhere (just none that I managed to capture in the picture – ha!)

My peppers are changing colors!

A surprise visitor in the garden. I have no clue what the tall thingy growing in front of the cross is.

The backyard swing, especially if Brad joins me.

Finally, a little rain and the crepe myrtle blooms. Gorgeous!

And last but not least, our party lights! We turn them on every night. Bet our neighbors are wondering…
“God looked over everything He had made, and it was good, so very good!” Genesis 1:31 MSG . . . and the exclamation mark is not even mine, but it could be.
I couldn’t agree more. Oh happy day!

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