“The one who calls you is faithful…”

Well, we made it! We arrived in Cluj-Napoca, had dinner with ChaCha and Eugene, and now everyone is sleeping… well, except me. Actually, I’m not sure about the boys since they are in the other room, but given how quiet it is and how tired they were, I’m suspicioning they’re asleep.

Our trip was fast-paced, but really fairly easy travel… just long especially for those of us who don’t sit well for long periods of time. Or in my case (and I think Marvin’s, too!), for those of us who don’t sit well for short periods of time either. Laura slept almost the whole way on every plane, but she at least held a book in her lap appearing as if she might have been reading on the plane. Not! Quite the opposite with Pastor Jeff. I believe he has already devoured one book and is now on to book #2. Good thing since he brought nine, yes NINE!, books with him. Doyle spent the flight to Bucharest chatting it up with the two adorable Romanian girls sitting next to him. Marvin had an adorable toddler behind him on the 8.5 hour flight from DFW, so he had a good chance to do some flirting earlier. KeLe got to sneak in a Disney movie, Brave, and some good journal writing. And, it seems as if I spent a fair amount of time trying not to concentrate on how long it had been since I last brushed my teeth. What is it about airplanes that make you feel so dirty?

But, as I said, travel was fairly uneventful… well, that is until we departed late out of Heathrow, which meant we arrived late to Bucharest, and then we had to clear customs, get our boarding tickets for Tarom Romanian Airlines, go through security yet again… all in less than an hour. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad except the airport is complete craziness becuase of inadequate signage, and we went to the wrong place three times. We literally ran through the airport. Well, Doyle didn’t exactly run, but we gave him the high five for incredible effort. It literally looked like a scene right out of a movie, except ours had a God ending. They held the plane for us! We lifted thanks immediately… well, as soon as we could catch our breaths!

While we are in Romania, we will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways including children’s ministry, men’s and women’s Bible study, and home and church visits. Here’s our itinerary, as well as ways you can pray for us as we serve.

  • Monday, Sep 24. Travel – Pray for safety, connecting flights, health, and rest while in transit. 
  • Tuesday, Sep 25. Arrive in Cluij – Pray for adjustment to the new timezone, rest, health, eyes to see the people and culture as Jesus does. 
  • Wednesday, Sep 26. Travel to Zalau and orientation to Romania and Maranatha Missions – Pray for flexibility, humility to do whatever is needed, discernment in seeking the Lord. 
  • Thursday, Sep 27. Home Visits: Food will be purchased for families needing assistance. Pray for divine appointments and boldness in sharing God’s love through word and deed. Children’s Ministry: Pray for the children who will hear the gospel for the first time. Pray they respond to the gospel. Pray for the team to share with boldness. Ministers Training: Pray for Pastor Jeff as he teaches from Acts. Ask the Lord to speak through him and give the ministers ears to hear what the Lord has to share. Preaching the Gospel in Simleu: Many at this church have prodigal children. Ask the Lord to comfort and encourage this congregation through the mission team.
  • Friday, Sep 28. Home visits, children’s ministry, preaching the Gospel in Simpetru: Pray for stamina, health, and boldness in sharing the Gospel. 
  • Saturday, Sep 29. Culture: Pray for the team to see Romanian culture as uniquely designed by God. Pray that the team embraces differences as “Not bad, but different.” 
  • Sunday, Sep 30. Church Meetings: The team will visit 4-6 churches sharing testimonies and preaching. Pray for any fear in speaking to disappear and for the Gospel to be made known. 
  • Monday, Oct 1. Rest and Culture: Pray for the Lord to refresh each member of the team. Pray for health, complete trust in Christ for every need, and for a joyful day in seeing the Romania mountains. 
  • Tuesday, Oct 2. Ladies Meeting/Men’s Meeting: Pray for Laura, Trae, and KeLe as they lead the women in Bible study over the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). Pray for boldness and divine appointments. Pray for Doyle, Jeff, and Marvin as they lead the men in teaching, praying, and fellowship. 
  • Wednesday, Oct 3. Travel to Cluj: Pray for safety and for the team to end their time well, leaving nothing undone! 
  • Thursday, Oct 4. Travel Home: Pray for safety, rest, and for tired team members to give each other grace.

We’re counting on you, and we truly covet your prayers for God’s work that we will do in Romania.

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  1. yea, yea, yea!!! Glad the internet worked and you are giving us a play by play. Miss you all like crazy and I am craving hearing anything and everything about how it is going. I even monitored your flights the whole way there (well, not the one in the dead of night…sorry, I’m not that die hard).

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