The Vote Is In

A quick recap from yesterday. We hiked up Bear Mountain in Sedona, 2.6 miles and 1800 feet down.

BEFORE we started today’s adventures, we took a vote. And, we unanimously agreed. It will be EASIER to hike DOWN the canyon and then back up rather than hiking up the mountain and then back down.

With that in mind, we headed to the Grand Canyon, a 2.5 hour drive from Sedona. And, as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, it was a rather blustery day. Temps were in the low 50s, so it was quite chilly. We chose Hermit Trail, a 2.7 mile, 2200 feet down trip. And, I should mention here, that Hermit Trail only takes you about 1/3 of the way down the canyon. To hike all the way down to the bottom takes a full day, an overnight trip, and a day hike back up. This gal did not sign up for that adventure. I don’t do tents.
The hike down was not too bad. It was fairly steep in some places, but the trail is pretty well maintained. When we arrived near the end of the trail, with the help of a Special K cereal bar, I made a friend. Adorable!

The views of the Grand Canyon are indescribable. Magnificent and majestic just don’t do it justice. Here are two of my favorite pics of the canyon, but keep in mind that I took many, many more.

Ok. I lied. I have to show you one more picture of the sun over the canyon. Gorgeous!

AFTER today’s adventures, we took another vote. And, we unanimously agreed. It is easier to hike up the mountain and then back down rather than hiking down the canyon and then back up.
If you are laughing, we were, too. So typical.
Our fickle voting got me to thinking. Life is a lot like hiking. We are so tempted to think that another trail might be easier than the one we’re on. Our eyes are often focused on the trail rather than focused on God. We quickly forget that He has a plan and a purpose for each of us. His path will always be the best one. We are not guaranteed an easy path, but we are guaranteed that He has a perfect plan for each of us. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”
Onward and upward!

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