Curve Ball

Life threw me a curve ball, and I wasn’t ready for it. I knew a fast ball was coming, and I had my eyes set on it, but when it curved just at it was approaching the plate, I almost swung and missed. Now before you start thinking I sound fairly intelligent about baseball, let me set the record straight. { read more… }

Wake me up!

I wish I could tell you that after 21 years of parenting that I have it all figured out, but truth be told, my kids are still teaching me lessons every single day. I’m not sure if I’m a slow learner or they’re gifted, but we’re going with the latter. This week on Monday morning, I followed my usual routine { read more… }

Mommy Highs and Lows

I wrote here on Wednesday night about the instruction manual that came with my boys. And, here I am two days later still stuck on that same thought. It has been a week. We spent Wednesday night packing Logan up for Kamp Kanukuk, a Christian sports camp in Missouri where he will be working as a counselor for the rest { read more… }

Instructional Manual

My living room is a complete catastrophe at this moment. Logan tends to have that effect on our house when he comes home. I’ve mostly learned to live with it since I’m always so happy he’s home, but it occasionally still puts me over the edge. Not tonight though. His timing is impeccable. He knows I’m not about to be { read more… }

All In a Matter of Minutes

I often laugh out loud at myself, and not because I’m particularly funny. Those of you who know me well know that I’m really not very funny at all. However, despite my lack of a humor bone, I always manage to do the craziest things. My boys – all three of them – are forever giving me a hard time. { read more… }