I Know You’re There, God. It’s me, Trae.

Does the title of this blog post ring a bell? Remember the highly-controversial 1970 book by Judy Blume with a somewhat similar title? The book’s leading character was Margaret Simon, an 11-year old only child faced with two tough issues: puberty and religion. Margaret does not know how to deal with her changing body or the fact that her mother is Christian, but her father is Jewish. Despite her confusion and uncertainty, she makes an excellent choice. She chooses to pray to God. Because she’s not exactly sure who God is or how one goes about praying, she opens every prayer with, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.” She talks to God about exactly what’s on her mind . . . “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret. I just told my mother I want a bra. Please help me grow God, you know where. I want to be like everyone else.”

Reminiscing about this book scares me just a little. I’m way past the age of 11, yet my prayers don’t sound a lot different from Margaret’s. Well, maybe I better clarify. I gave up praying God would help me grow, you know where, a long time ago, but I’m still praying to God about exactly what’s on my mind and on my heart. I’m still talking to Him like he’s my best friend, my big sister, and my daddy all rolled into one in the very best way possible. So why does this scare me?
Do you ever wonder about prayer? Is there a right way to do it? a wrong way? Is it better to start the day with prayer or finish the day with prayer? What happens if you fall asleep praying? Or, worse yet, what happens if you start praying and get so distracted mid-sentence that you switch from praying to making your mental to do list? Should you pray for every person on your prayer list every day? Is it a sin when you tell someone you’ll pray for them, but yet you forget to write it on your prayer list so you never really do? Please tell me I’m not the only one wondering about these questions (or the only one who read Judy Blume’s books!). I bet I’m not, but just in case . . . before you add me to your prayer list, let me say two things:
  1. I believe with all my heart that God hears our prayers – every single one of them . . . regardless of how, when, or where we pray them.
  2. I believe with all my heart that prayer matters, and we cannot live a victorious life without prayer.
That’s why I’m studying prayer. I’m reading through all 117 verses in the Bible (NIV) that have the word “pray” in them, as well as the 68 verses with the word “prayed.” Abraham prayed. Moses prayed. Esther prayed. Daniel prayed three times a day. Jesus prayed. What can I learn from them? What can I learn from you? I know I have friends who are mighty prayer warriors, and I bet those same friends may have struggled with their prayer life at some time. If you believe in praying to God, I would love it if you would share about your prayer life – the how, when, where, and what – anything you’re willing to share. If you are willing to share your thoughts with everyone, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. If you’d rather share just with me, email me at wildlyblessed@me.com or message me through Facebook.
Prayer is how we communicate with God, and our relationship with God grows stronger through constant communication. I know that now better than at any point prior in my life, yet I want to grow closer still to God. I know you do, too! I promise to share the insights I glean from my studies about prayer, and I’ll protect everyone’s privacy.
I know you’re there, God. It’s me, Trae. Thank you for prayer. Thank you for providing a 1-800 number and a 911 call. Thank you for being available 24/7. Thank you for hearing my every request – from the simple and mundane to the really big and complicated. Thank you for Your Word and for my precious friends who so beautifully live their faith out loud. I can’t wait for all that You will show me and teach me. With a grateful heart I pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “I Know You’re There, God. It’s me, Trae.”

  1. Although I haven’t heard of the book by Judy Blume, I have heard the song by Casting Crowns with the same title (I know you’re there) and this was what immediately grabbed my attention when I read your blog post! Megan Garrett sings this song and I just melt when I hear it! She has such a beautiful voice. One section of the song goes:

    I know You’re there, I know You see me
    You’re the air I breathe
    You are the ground beneath me
    I know You’re there, I know You hear me
    I can find You anywhere

    This rings so true for me. I KNOW He is there when I pray to Him. We are His children and He wants us to speak to Him daily through prayer. He wants us to cast ALL of our problems on Him. Yes, he does know ALL of our thoughts, and even our hearts better than WE do, but He also wants us to come to Him verbally everyday – 24/7 and cast all our cares upon Him, no matter how small or trivial WE think it may be!

    This may sound weird to some people, but when I humble myself and truly pray from the bottom of my heart, I actually feel like I am tuned to a certain frequency with my Almighty God and Creator. It is like we are on the same channel with each other and there is some sort of superhuman connection that we share. I am not sure how to explain it other than that, but I can say that it doesn’t come from me. It comes from Him!

    Am I skilled at prayer? No way! The best I can do is tell my Lord what I am feeling and thinking at that time, thank Him for hearing me and praising Him with everything within me for His Son Jesus and paving the way for a sinner like me to be loved and washed with His blood and saving grace!

    I find myself praying more and more everyday. I speak to Him like a child and I just have to trust in Him for everything. I can only imagine what it will be like when the day comes that I actually see Him face to face and fall at His feet praising Him for His mercy and grace!

    I find myself praying almost non-stop from the time my eyes open to the time they close at night! I love my Jesus and don’t deserve His grace.

  2. Trea and Ken, both of you have verbalized my thoughts exactly. Even the thought about switching gears mid-sentence in a prayer…YIPES! Keep the blogs coming. I love the musings, and I love knowing that I am connected to something so much bigger than myself. I have tried to explain my prayer life to others and I now have this to help put something so personal into words. I am glad that I am not alone.
    Accepting Blessings and Living Full of Grace,

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