Bras and Lip Reading Lessons.

So, I think I might’ve mentioned I’m going to be Tula! { If you missed last week’s GloryStory, you have no idea who Tula is. Read it first and and the rest of this story will make sense. } Logan and Sarah are expecting A BOY on December 4, which just so happens to be the very same date that Logan was due. Of course, Logan did not cooperate and came ten days late, but we are all praying that will NOT be the case this time.

Well, while I officially announced my Tula status to the whole world as of last Tuesday, I have actually known since Tuesday, April 19. And needless to say, from the moment I knew, I was absolutely, positively about to EXPLODE to tell someone… anyone… but I was sworn to secrecy. Oh the misery!

So you might remember that before Tula Tuesday last week, Tuesday was “my prison day,” as I often refer to it when explaining to others why I am out of pocket on Tuesdays. So I go to prison on Tuesday, April 19, and seriously y’all. I wanted to tell so stinkin’ bad I couldn’t hardly stand it! I’ve got all the girls in class, and Brad comes in a little late. When he arrives, the girls are busy working on something, so they all have their heads down writing. So, while they’re not looking, I walk over to him with a ridiculous grin on my face, and I mouth these words …

“I’m gonna be a grandma.”

Brad’s eyes widen, and he gets an even bigger grin on his face… which I found just a tad odd given that he, too, had received the news earlier that day, but whatever.

So we get home after prison and I’m still just plain giddy. Brad immediately gets in his favorite new chair { Ask him about it! He just LOVES the new furniture we got, but that’s a whole ‘nother story for another day! } and opens up his laptop. Still wearing my great big grin, I walk in, take the laptop from him, and plop myself down in his lap. I tell him, “I’m gonna be a grandma.”

And he says… get ready for this…

“I like grandmas who don’t wear a bra.”

Excuse me? What? Where in the world did that come from?

But before I could get a word out, he says, “I can’t believe you didn’t wear a bra to prison.”

I immediately remove myself from his lap and say, “What in the world gave you the idea that I don’t have a bra on? In 28 years of marriage, when have you ever known me not to wear a bra in public?”

He said, “Well isn’t that what you said?”

“What? When did I say that?”

He said, “In prison. While the girls were writing. You said, “I’m not wearing a bra.”

Sweet mercy.

I’m gonna be a grandma.
I’m not wearing a bra.

Maybe they look the same when you’re reading lips, but I really don’t think so.

Needless to say, I quickly cleared up the confusion for him, and now you all know: This Tula wears a bra, and Pops needs some lip reading lessons! After all, we’re about to have little ears around the house again!

And believe it or not, this crazy story got me to thinking that very same night after Brad went to bed.

What we say matters.

Our words can inform, influence, and impact, but they can also inflict and infect. { Psalm 96:2-4 }
Our words can be generous and grace filled, but they can also be greedy and self-seeking. { Luke 6:45 }
Our words can build up, but they can also tear down. { Ephesians 4:29 }
Our words can give life, but they can also kill. { Proverbs 18:21 }

In a world of social media insanity, we toss words around like they’re harmless and don’t mean anything, but we all know that’s not true. Our words define us, and they define others. And, as followers of Christ, our words also proclaim to others who our Jesus is. That Facebook comment or Instagram post. That conversation with friends. What are we really saying about who we are and who our God is?

Our words are so powerful… even when they are mouthed. { Grin! } Let’s wield them with care and purpose! Let’s know Him and make Him known!

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