hiking & haikus: day two #goglacier





Today was our first full day in Glacier National Park, and we tried to take in as much as possible. When you’re a Kendrick, you know one word… Go! So our hashtag for the trip… #goglacier … It fits!

Today we began with a six mile round trip hike to Avalanche Falls. Along the way, we saw some huge trees… room for two!


And, of course, water flows from the top of the mountains down so we hiked along a beautiful “creek,” and I use that term loosely because I’ve never seen water rushing down like we did here. The water had cut a beautiful path through the rock… completely smooth. This picture does not do it justice.IMG_1865

Another big tree… this one made the perfect place for peek-a-boo!IMG_1882

One mountain. Three waterfalls. Breathtaking. Can you spot all three?

Here we are at the top! It would almost be the perfect Christmas card, but we’re missing Cameron and Ashley. We. Are. Missing. Them.IMG_1895

I made many friends along the way. This is entirely possible if you are willing to forfeit your own lunch so they can have it. I am. Turns out chipmunks like peanut butter crackers quite well.IMG_1902

Only God could do this. Form a perfect entry over the hiking path with a fallen tree. I am certain it is perfectly level.IMG_1915


And then we began the 48 miles drive on the “Going to the Sun” Road… unbelievably gorgeous. And on the way… we saw not one… but two grizzlies. TWO cool! And we also saw a black bear, too. It was our lucky day. A bear trifecta!IMG_1961




We actually went all the way to St. Mary for lunch, and then we headed back down and to Logan Pass. How could we NOT stop? IMG_1983

And we hiked… three miles in the SNOW! It was so much fun! We made our way to the top to see Hidden Lake … which was absolutely worth the hike!IMG_1990


And I made friends along the way! This marmot came right up to me. I think rumor had made its way to all the mountain critters. The chick in the white shirt has food in her pocket… except I didn’t. I was all out!IMG_2057

And we say mountain goats… with their babies! It was amazing to watch them climb the mountain with no difficulty whatsoever! I picked this picture to show y’all because I wanted you to know there really isn’t a good hairdresser in the mountains.


We’ll be back on the trail again today! Cannot wait!

I didn’t mention that on the Trail of the Cedars (with all the big trees), they also had haikus posted throughout the trail. So… I thought I’d end today with my own haiku.

Breathtaking beauty.
His majesty surrounds me.
Know Him. Make Him Known.

“Be still and know that I am God.”
Psalm 46:10

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