New Look, New Season, Same Author

Monday night, 6 pm, table set, meal almost ready . . . I had to pinch myself. Nothing – absolutely NOTHING! – about this seemed normal. It was so abnormal that I had to take a quick picture to preserve the moment for posterity.

For the past 21 years, our table has often been the car while we were en route to practice or a ballgame. Meal time could be 6 pm or 10:30 pm depending on the night’s schedule. I might be preparing to feed my family of four, but I could just as easily have two or three extras to feed.

Our table is sporting a new look, and Brad and I are entering a new season in life. Sure, it feels a little different. The house stays clean. I’ve only washed two loads of laundry all week. We’re actually eating together, at the table, and at a reasonable hour. OK, it feels a lot different, but the most important thing has not changed. The story of our lives is still being written by the same author.
You may not be experiencing an empty nest like we are, but I bet you can still relate. Maybe this chapter of your life is being marked by the birth of a new baby or by a terrifying illness that threatens the life of someone you love. Maybe this chapter of your life has you experiencing great success in your career or the horrible loss of your job. Maybe this chapter of your life has you enjoying your spouse more than ever before or maybe your heart is breaking over a child who has disappointed you greatly. Maybe this chapter in your life has you basking in God’s blessings or maybe it has you clinging solely to the hope that God is there even in troubled times.
I don’t know what this new chapter in my life will look like, and you may not either. But…this I do know. Life’s circumstances don’t change who God is or what He can do. God is constant. He is present in every season of our lives. He is present in every moment of our lives. We can wear ourselves out playing the “what if” game, and it won’t change one single thing. But, our lives are changed when we keep our eyes fixed on Him! Hebrews 12:2 tells us that God is “…the author and perfecter of our faith.” When we trust Him to write the story of our lives, a happy ending is guaranteed – eternal life!
Father God, I place the pen in Your mighty hands. I know the chapter You will write is bigger and better than any dream I might have. Open my eyes that I might see all that You have in store for me. Give me courage to move forward on this new path. Don’t let me miss a single opportunity to shine the spotlight on how great you are, God! With a grateful heart I pray, Amen.

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