bird’s eye view

It doesn’t get much better than a bird’s eye view… especially when I got to sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Oh my mercy! It’s not heaven, but for this girl who loves all things high in the sky… it was pure joy!

We flew with Glacier Helitours, and our pilot’s name was Zak. I am certain he was glad for his headset because otherwise I would have peppered him relentlessly with the zillion and one questions going through my head.

IMG_2239 (1)

Unfortunately I cannot tell you the names of everything you’ll see in the pictures below, but I do know this one. Iceberg Lake. I have no idea how it got its name. There are over 700 lakes in the 1 million plus acres of Glacier National Park, but only 130 of them have names. Still. Too. Many.IMG_2266




This one is my favorite. And yes, the water is THAT BLUE.

IMG_2289 (1)


We’ve made a pact in our family. Every trip in the future will include a helicopter tour. So. Worth. It.


These pics are now from the ground. We drove to the Many Glacier (eastside of park) and hiked to Bullhead Lake and Swiftcurrent Lakes. Another 10+ miles day. I cannot get over all the green!



We made friends with this deer … who absolutely was not the least bit afraid of us. Evidently we need to transport her back to Crawford. None of the deer at Sanctuary Oaks are this skinny!


Look close! What do you see? A furry little rabbit friend! We saw quite a few of these… some with really large white feet.





Now, look again. Do you see her? Yep. Yep. Another BEARY. GOOD. DAY. This momma black bear and her cub were on the side of the road. The grass is very tall so it is impossible to get a great shot. Really makes me appreciate those National Geographic guys. We’re convinced there were two cubs because we could see the grass moving in another area, but I never could get a clear shot of either baby.


We ended the day with this.


Isn’t that the perfect way to end the day?

God is good. God is faithful.


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