tired feet, peaceful mind



Well, it was another 10+ miles day, but it started with a peaceful two-hour float down the south fork of the Flathead River. We had an adorable guide, Hannah, but even better, we floated with an Aggie family – Whoop! – from Fredericksburg. Tim, Rebecca, Ellie, and Zek were fun raft buddies!

I captured this picture of Brad from the raft, and I love it. Can we say stress free?! It is so good to see him like this.


After the raft tour, we headed back over to the east side of the park. Know this. It is a solid 2.5 hour trek to the east side… In. A. Car.

We hiked a beautiful trail to Twin Falls and then the rest of the way around Two Medicine Lake. Here’s my honey on the trail. Logan and I voted. He will get a new backpack before the next trip. This one cracks us up.

I wish the pictures could really do justice to the trees. They are so magnificent.



A beautiful view of the lake… which was to the left of us on most of the hike to the falls.


For a girl who loves wildflowers, it has been super hard not to stop and take pictures every three steps.


And after almost two hours of walking… TWIN FALLS! It was virtually impossible to capture the beauty of both falls in the picture, but I tried.


On the way back around the lake, we spotted this very moosy marsh… only there were no moose.


This little bridge is something you see often. Many streams and creeks to cross on every hike.


After 10+ miles at Twin Falls, we made one more little stop on the way home. This is Running Eagle Falls…  so much water! To see it gushing out from under the rock was so cool!



And as we were leaving, this little guy popped out for a Teddy Graham. This chick was no Girl Scout, but I am always prepared to feed the trail critters. I learned over 15 years ago in Canada that Teddy Grahams are a fave for chipmunks, squirrels, pikas, and marmots.


And so we ended the day with Very. Tired. Feet.

But completely peaceful minds.


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