ONE. It’s a very small number, and it’s been said it’s the loneliest number at least by Three Dog Night. {Seems a little suspicious to me. Grin!} ONE is less than every other number except zero, but the size of one doesn’t diminish its importance. In fact, I think it’s just the opposite.

Take a ONE way street sign. ONE is important. I learned this the hard way when I first started working in Austin in 2006. I was completely unfamiliar to the downtown capital area, and navigating the maze of ONE way streets proved challenging. ONE day, just as I am realizing I have turned the wrong way down a ONE way street, I spot a DPS trooper. In an effort to immediately rectify my wrongdoing, I make a hasty turn… the wrong way down another ONE way street. Did I mention ONE is important?

Many of you will remember I’ve been choosing #justONEword every year for the last 13 years. Some years I’ve really struggled to choose my word, but not this year. Twenty. Twenty. ONE. Choosing was not hard at all, but it actually had zero to do with what year it is. Amidst all the chaos of 2020, God reminded me about the importance of ONE… ONE God. ONE love. ONE truth. ONE purpose. ONE desire. ONE way. And without a doubt, every bit of it for an audience of ONE. ONE… undivided… pure… whole… wholly and holy. { Psalm 86:11 } That’s what I want for 2021.

Over the years, many friends have joined me in #justONEword, and I love hearing stories about how their word influenced their year. I’ve already heard from many about their 2020 words, as well as their new words for 2021: Change. Joy. Gratitude. Hope. These friends’ faith spurs me on!

Want to join #justONEword2021?

  • Choose your word… or let it choose you!
  • Find a Bible verse that fits with your word and speaks to your heart.
  • Share your word! Post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #justoneword2021 and please tag me! { Facebook or Instagram } You can also email me.

And BONUS! For all of you who participate by sharing and tagging OR emailing me, I’ll randomly select one lucky winner to receive a special treat from me with his/her word. Please use the hashtag #justoneword2021 and tag me so I won’t miss your word. If you email me, I’ve got you covered.

With BIG love,

14 years of #justoneword …

2008: Reveal
2009: Trust
2010: Brave
2011: Redeem
2012: Unsettle
2013: Transform
2014: Chase
2015: Story
2016: Blaze
2017: Warrior
2018: Respond
2019: Fearless
2020: Leap
2021: ONE