Menopause & A Girl Named M.

I’ve lived in Texas since the summer I turned eight. That would be 41 summers best I can count. And yes, with some quick math you can figure out that I either just turned 49 or am about to turn 49. I’ll save you some creeping on Facebook. It’s the latter.

Despite the fact that I’ve got 41 summers under my belt… and despite the fact that it is only July 5… I have said one phrase more this summer than any other summer before. { Just ask Brad. } I. Am. So. Hot. 

Now although y’all know I have a pretty strong Texas twang, I’m not saying I. Am. So. Hawt. That’s something all together different, and trust me, when you’re knocking on 49, hawt is not in your vocab. But, oh sweet mercy. Hot is! And since the temps have not yet reached three digits and I’m already dying, I’ve diagnosed myself with menopause. And evidently since I picked “Blaze” as my word for 2016, I’m not going to just have hot flashes. I’m going to be blazing hot 24/7. I am not even kidding. 

So you can only imagine that when I go to prison… where there is NO air conditioning… that hot has taken on a whole new level. Seriously, for the first time this past Sunday night I was ready to quit. Done. Finished. Retired. Fired. Whatever. Just get me back in the AC.

And then I think about a girl named M. Well, you know that’s not her real name, but that’s what I’ll call her. I’ll also call her a girl because, despite the fact that she’s in prison, she’s not even 18 yet. About six months ago, she sent a note to the chapel with this message, “May I have a Bible? Do you have an address where I can write God?” 

And that’s enough for me to wipe the sweat and tell God I want to blaze. 

Can I just remind you today that fiery trials go hand-in-hand with faith?

But more importantly, let me remind you
… that you are NEVER alone in the fire! { Daniel 3:25 }

… our fiery trials bring God glory! { Daniel 3:28-29 }

… our fiery trials light the way for others. { Acts 13:47 }

I pray you know Him & make Him known!

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