What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do. 

Much ink has already been spilled in the aftermath of the recent tragedies in our nation. And sadly, too much of it has actually been spewed instead of just spilled. We are quick to take our limited information and mix it with our dangerous assumptions and our blatant lack of actual knowledge, and the three combine to form a volatile and deadly cocktail we try to pour down the mouths of others through Facebook or whatever means we can find.
And while I certainly don’t want to be any part of any of that, I know that people are hurting and disillusioned, anxious and struggling to find hope. What has happened to our country? How is it that the atrocities and dangers that once seemed so far removed are now in our backyard? What do we do when we don’t know what to do?And I actually think the answer is simple. We keep doing what God has called us to do all along. First, we must know Him. The world we see and experience does not define our God. It does not place limits on Him or change His power and authority. Our God is sovereign. Our God is love. Our God is hope. Our God is eternal. When we know Him, we’re not battered and beaten by the things of this world. Instead we draw near to Him, and He draws near to us. { James 4:8 }. Second, we must make Him known! This world is crying out for a Savior, and friends, we know Him… and we must make Him known! There is so much wrong in our world today, but our job is not to convict, but to convince! The world needs to be convinced of the love and grace of God and the hope and joy of Jesus Christ! And we should all be reminded that the most powerful way to do that is not with our words, but with our actions!

I pray we will know Him, and I pray we will make Him known!

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