Some To Go Up; Some To Come Down

Break for the Border Day Two began with prayer for some to go up… and some to come down… walls to on the house to go up… walls on hearts to come down. And they did!

At the start of the day, the Rodriguez homesite looked like this:

But by the end of the day, it looked like this:

Construction team in action:

Karrie & Gerald… along with the rest of the team nailed about 2,000 nails today. #notjoking

Hector Rodriguez worked side-by-side with us all day long.

David was one of the brains behind the operation!


First wall went up without any problems!










Amanda did some serious work with the power tools!








Power tools were a hit with David and Jed, too!

Walls came down. Doors and hearts were opened for the food distribution team as they loved on 10 families in Peñitas. Receptivity to God and a willingness to allow the team to pray for their needs enabled the team to be a true blessing and a small part in the story God is writing here.

Such a thrill to purchase this much food to give away to others. Bags with tags sharing John 4:19 say it all.









Circled up and praying with Jose and Maria. Please join us in praying for Jose’s foot to be healed so he can return to work.










And Camp Equip was loads of fun!











Our church ventriloquist, Jana, entertains and teaches the children.



















Games were also a huge hit, as was Pirate Pastor Jeff:



















Finally, our Empowerment Team kicked off two classes today: Parenting and Marriage. First day was a big success, and the team even dressed alike.





















Alicia participates in a craft in the parenting class.









Two sisters join the parenting class, too!










Tomas and Veronica in the marriage class.

You can check out #bftb on Instagram for more pictures. There is so much more to God’s story than one I’ve posted here.

We ask that you continue to cover us in prayer as we know Him and make Him known! May our believe in God’s promise for immeasurably more be seen in our obedience to His call in all things.



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  1. Hi! I work for Buckner Family Hope Center in Penitas, TX and was trying to share your blog posts through our FB pg. However, I’m running in to some diffuclties in attempting to share it. Our FB pg is Buckner in the Rio Grande Valley. I’ve tried to include the link below…!/pages/Buckner-in-the-Rio-Grande-Valley/365980993505873?sk=timeline

    Thank you for all of your hard work! Blessings!

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