Building … More Than Just A House

Day Three in Peñitas, and we’re building more than just a house… we’re building relationships!

The Empowerment Team doubled their class sizes today. From eight women in each class yesterday to 16 and 11 in the classes today. Good news spreads fast!

(left) Jolinda teaches a class on marriage enrichment.
(right) Idalia (red shirt) is the interpreter. She quickly corrected Cathy today when Cathy told the group she had twelve boys instead of two boys! The reaction on the women’s faces was priceless!












Cheryl is supervising the sanding outside. No, the Empowerment Class was not building a house, too. They are building relationships with the women through crafting.











(left) Judy shares how to leave a strong family legacy in the parenting class.
(right) Celebratory hug with Veronica who took yesterday’s challenge from the marriage enrichment class: Pray together daily with your spouse. Veronica shared that today was the first time she and her husband had ever prayed together! And today was the very day they needed that prayer time together. After car troubles at home, they walked over two miles to another car so she could make it to class. Thank you, God!












At the homebuilding site, we were building a house and relationships, too! Hector and Maricruz worked with us all day today. They hung the first window in the house. It was an absolutely priceless moment for the construction team to witness.











Jeff Crouch spent quite a bit of time under the house today, but because of him, plumbing is complete!









A few snapshots of the work today, but they don’t tell the whole picture. Siding, decking, and electrical are nearly half done. Many of the team members have learned some new skills, even if more than a few of them are sporting bruised fingers! We’ve hammered a lot of nails!

















David Smith… exhausted from all the construction work or full from a fabulous meal of pizza and ice cream?











Camp Equip doubled in size today, too! The children loved the games and activities.

(left) Jana is adding a third boy to the Hall family. She plans to take this one home with her.
(right) Snackin’ boys!












(left) Cap’n Jeff taught the Bible lesson, and our team learned how to say “resurrection” in Spanish. They tried to teach the kids to say righteousness in English, but that one wasn’t as easy.
(right) Andy was very excited for the puppets, so he might have done a little peeking in Jana’s bag.












(left) Lizzie wins the rock star translator award. Way to go, CHS, for some awesome Spanish instruction.
(right) Reverend Longjohn Silverware taught about the belt of truth and the sword of the spirit?












The food distribution team worked hard all day! In addition to delivering food to families, they also worked in the warehouse.

20 more bags filled and delivered to 10 families. The team was able to encourage several single mothers where the blessing of food and prayers was needed and welcomed.











The team was able to do the final prep for shoes being distributed from the Buckner warehouse this weekend.












Being God’s hands and feet through sorting humanitarian aid items at the warehouse.











God is building far more than a house this week! He is so faithfully building relationships… among our own church team, with the Rodriguez family, with women in classes, and with our Peñitas “neighbors”. He is teaching us how to love one another and in the process, He is revealing Himself to us in beautiful ways!

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” ~ 1 John 4:12

Know Him and make Him known!








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