the absolute very best gift…

Y’all know with a title like the one on this post, there should be pictures. It just doesn’t seem right, especially in our social media driven culture where we are so quick to post pics for the world to see what wonderful thing we just got or what amazing trip we’re on or what DIY fixer upper project we have underway or what…what…what…

I know. You want to see the gift… the absolute very best gift. And I could’ve take pictures of the little kitchen table from my friend, Christy… or the twin captain’s bed from Michelle that is just right for a three-year old little girl… or the mattress and box springs from Terry and Jean… or the couch that was just like brand-new from Tarissa… or the box of Paula Deen cookware from Niki and Matt… or the mixing bowls from Nancy… or the crock pot from Kim… or the little chest from Teresa… or the backseat of my truck packed with groceries from Waynette and her life group… or the precious chairs my friend Joy donated with a generous gift of money… and the list goes on.

I could’ve taken pictures of all those things. But I didn’t. Because the gift was not those things.

The gift was one I couldn’t capture with a photograph.

You see, everyone of these gift givers did so in secret. They responded to a plea for help I put on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.06.59 AM








They didn’t stick a “To:/From:” name tag on their gift. They’ve never even seen the face of the one to whom they were giving. They didn’t give because it would give them attention or gain them approval. They didn’t desire any fanfare or recognition for their gifts. They gave in secret just like Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:3-4.

And I sat and bawled over their gift. Notice I said gift, not gifts. Although the list of items was long, the gift was singular. I have absolutely no doubt that when Daniel received all the items that had so generously been donated, he still only knew one gift.

The gift of God’s love.

You see, each and every one of those items represented to Daniel that God loves him.
God. Loves. Him.

God is not his circumstances.
God is for him.
God is watching out for him.
God has a plan.
God will provide.
God is faithful.
God can change people’s hearts.
God can change people’s lives.

God. Loves. Him.

And that, my friends, is the absolutely very best gift we can give to anybody… the gift of God’s love.

Our work today and every day is simple…
Figure out who needs a dose of God’s love and go give it!






To my generous friends who gave… I cannot thank you enough for the way you blessed Daniel and for the beautiful reminder you have given me about giving God’s love to others. I have little way to reward you other than with my heartfelt thanks, but I take great joy in knowing the promise of God’s Word in the final sentence of Matthew 6:4, “Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” And He will. I love you all!

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  1. Daniel’s story makes the gift even more important. Daniel’s dad kicked him out when he was 15 and he had to manage on the streets on his own. This truly is a blessing to him. He needed love and acceptance, and will continue to.

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