Adding to His Kingdom

God calls us to love our neighbors. Figuring out who our neighbors are is not hard. It’s everyone. Figuring out how to love them is not hard either. You don’t need elaborate plans or a detailed strategy. Jesus’s command to love our neighbors is a lot like the Nike slogan: Just do it. And what’s completely amazing is when we obey and follow that simple command, He will do the rest. He’s in the miracle business. He’s the one who changes hearts and lives, but yet when we join Him in His work, He lets us have a front row seat to watch His kingdom grow!

Break for the Border has been about loving our neighbors… through food distribution, through children’s camp, through empowerment classes, and through homebuilding… so that our neighbors will know that God loves them! It’s all about Him and adding to His kingdom!

The food distribution team had the opportunity to connect with Rosy over the last two days. Today they were able to ask her if she knew Jesus. She told them “no,” but that she is learning by reading her Bible. The team feels she is so close to surrendering her life to Jesus. Pray for Rosy to get connected to the Family Hope Center and to find fellowship with other believers. Pray for Rosy to be added to God’s Kingdom!









(below) These boxes contain shoes just waiting to be shared. Pray that every pair of shoes will find their way to a person who will then find his/her way to Jesus.











The empowerment classes grew larger every day! Each woman who came was loved and encouraged by the team. Our prayer is that every one of these women will be added to His Kingdom if they don’t already know Him.



The home for Hector and Maricruz and their four children is almost completely dried in… in just three days! This home is a tangible reminder of God’s love and provision for the Rodriguez family. The team has loved circling up at the close of work each day and praying with Hector and Maricruz. We have seen how their hearts love Jesus, and we pray their entire family will be added to His Kingdom.




























And finally, there is just one picture tonight from the children’s camp, but this one is more than enough. Meet Jesua, pictured here with Terry… right after he gave his heart to Jesus! THIS CHILD HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE KINGDOM! Answered prayer indeed!











Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God…” Just do it!





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