i’ll leave the Light on for you.

True story: I slept with the light on until I was 20 years old… and got married. I’d had a perpetual fear of the dark. I was pretty sure there were no monsters under my bed or in the closet, but the control freak in me at least wanted to be able to see whatever otherwise might get me while I was sleeping. I’d like to say I conquered my fear of the dark when { read more… }

the Lord’s Supper with a prison spoon.

I had the Lord’s Supper twice on Christmas Eve: One was at an evening church service; the other was lunch at the Hilltop Women’s Prison Unit. One consisted of Broadman’s Traditional Unleavened Bread and grape juice; the other was tamales made out of Doritos, spam, and summer sausage and a Coke Zero. One was served by an ordained pastor and deacons in our church; the other was served by incarcerated women behind the fences. One was provided through the { read more… }

one word to change your life

For the past ten years, I have had a word for the year. Just one word. I don’t exactly remember how or why I started doing this, but in 2008, I did. The word for 2008 was reveal, and it was born out of the prayer of my heart. You see, we buried my precious Papa on Christmas Eve of 2007, and his wife of 74 years – my Granny – was lost without him. { read more… }

dishwater and dishrag hair.

For those of you who have seen me recently, you know I’m going back to my roots. Hair roots, that is. Back to my natural color, which big surprise, is not blonde. That fact was confirmed for me a few weeks ago when I ran into an old friend who also happens to be an older friend. She commented on the change in my hair color, to which I lamented, “Yeah, it’s no longer blonde.” She didn’t even { read more… }

what my epitaph will say.

Brad has said it more than a few times. “Your epitaph is gonna read, ‘She died putting on her lipstick while driving.’” Well, actually, he said “they” were going to put it on my tombstone, but I think epitaph sounds so much more enlightened. And I should probably ask him who the anonymous “they” is. I might need to add a note to “them” in the “When I Die” folder on my computer. { Yes, I { read more… }

I’ve seen the empty tomb.

I’m convinced I should’ve been born with wheels for feet because I like to go! I’ve had the travel bug for as long as I can remember. I’ve never taken a trip I didn’t love, and I have a long list of places I’m dying to go. In the #1 spot on the list is the Holy Land. { Please, Lord, one day soon! } But despite the fact I’ve never actually been to Jerusalem, I’ve { read more… }